Hi, I am Anne Roos

I am an alcohol ink artist living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I truly love my city, biking around in preferably sunny weather, with its lovely canals and great atmosphere. 

What started out as a hobby besides my work in academia (I obtained my PhD in 2020), turned into a creative journey that is all about following my true passion, alcohol ink art. 

I get so much positive energy from making my inks flow around on paper that I hope I can bring some of that positive energy to you! 

AnneRoos Alcohol Ink Art
How did I get into alcohol ink art?

As a child I was always busy with arts and crafts, I was most happy with a paint brush in my hand and some paper I could mess around on. That continued as an adult, I always had some kind of creative hobby that would get out of hand: from baking and decorating cupcakes, to making and selling my own jewelry, to brush calligraphy. After some time, I always got bored and went on to the next thing. Until I found out about alcohol inks… It was love at first sight and I haven’t looked back since. The possibilities of alcohol inks are endless, and I get most energy from experimenting with new creative ideas, which makes this the perfect medium for me. With alcohol inks, I go back to my childhood in which you can just throw inks on the paper and play around. 

What does alcohol ink art bring me?

Having some kind of creative outlet in your daily life can really help to release stress and get positive energy. Creating art is my mindfulness practice, it’s like creative therapy to me. I started doing alcohol ink art during my PhD. Being very analytical by day, working with alcohol inks was the perfect outlet to release stress, since it was the exact opposite of my day job: going with the flow, not having to follow the strict rules of academic research and just being entirely focused on the process of creating. 

What inspires me?

I get inspired by nature, flowers, the ocean, landscapes, anything I see around me when going outside. But even more so the process itself inspires me. Often, I start with some ink on my paper and by starting to move the inks around, an idea starts to emerge and going with the flow of the inks, the artwork starts to take shape. This process is mesmerizing and is what I love doing most. I get so much positive energy of making the inks flow around on paper, and I hope my work can bring some of that positive energy to you, either by having one of my pieces in your home, or by inspiring you to discover the magic of alcohol ink art yourself.


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